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Reduce license for convenience! State Food and Drug Administ
Publisher:admin Published:2019-12-12 13:15 Source:LAO CAI

Announcement of the State Food and Drug Administration on the cancellation of 68 certification items (the third batch)

(No. 102, 2019)


In accordance with the requirements of the notice of the general office of the State Council on clearing up the certification matters (GBF [2018] No. 47), in order to further reduce the number of certificates for convenience and optimize the service, the State Drug Administration has decided to cancel 68 certification matters (see the annex for details), which are hereby issued. Items 1 to 45 listed in the annex shall be suspended from the date of promulgation of this announcement, and items 46 to 68 listed in the annex shall be suspended from December 1.
It is hereby announced.