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Understand the tax bureau | Tianjin tax bureau's attentive s
Publisher:admin Published:2019-12-12 13:14 Source:LAO CAI

  Since this year, Tianjin Municipal Taxation Bureau has taken many measures and made efforts in many aspects. It has made intensive efforts in tax service, paid attention to policy publicity and training guidance for taxpayers, and provided high-quality and considerate services for taxpayers. We have effectively reduced the burden on enterprises and injected new momentum into their steady development.

  "Thank you very much for the help of the tax department. I really think about the difficulties of the enterprise. Since 2019, the enterprise has accumulated export tax rebate of more than 400 million yuan, the enterprise capital has been running faster, and we are more confident in the future development! " Tianjin Textile Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. Cao manager said excitedly. The company is in the tax bureau "one-to-one" precision assistance, all-weather tracking service to enjoy the tax reduction policy dividend.

  It is understood that when providing policy training and guidance to taxpayers and payers, Tianjin Taxation Bureau adopts different ways, including taxpayer school, remittance training meeting, tax reduction and fee reduction policy presentation meeting, one-to-one guidance, telephone guidance, etc., especially targeted help to key enterprises and taxpayers and payers with strong policy demand, so as to ensure that taxpayers can understand and learn Yes, good use.


  Tianjin tianyuanhai science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which produces marine AIDS and various pressure vessels. Bai liming, the financial manager of the enterprise, deeply felt the development dividend brought by the policy of tax reduction and fee reduction: "in recent years, due to the excellent product quality, the development of the enterprise is in a leading position, but with the increasingly fierce competition in the same industry, we have no strength in supporting electronic equipment and software, so we need to increase R & D efforts, but capital investment has always been a problem. Fortunately, with the support of tax reduction policy, this time we calculated and paid off the R & D expenses plus the deduction amount of 5.24 million yuan, and reduced the enterprise income tax by nearly 1.3 million yuan, which brought a "timely rain" for the next step of increasing R & D expenditure and developing key technologies of products. He said that the direct effect of tax reduction and fee reduction is to reduce the tax burden of enterprises, increase the economic benefits of enterprises, further increase the investment in R & D, promote technological change and boost the development confidence of enterprises. Provide "source power" for the development of enterprises