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Headquarters hotline:022-2323-8077

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  LAOCAI- a business platform serving enterprises in all aspects!

  Our contact information is attached

  Service hotline: 13752530325

  QQ: 2643921200

  Company wechat: laocaizhijia1688

  Tel: 022-23238077

  Laocaizhijia (Hexi company)

  Room 2102, building 1, Jingcai building, No. 459, Dagu South Road, Hexi District

  (exit a of xiawafang station of metro lines 1 and 5)

  Laocaizhijia (Nankai company)

  Room 2212, Seine mansion, No. 388, Hongqi Road, Nankai District

  (exit a, central station 1, Metro Line 6)

  Laocaizhijia (Hebei Company)

  Room a-202, No. 16, Milan apartment, Minzhu Road, Hebei District (opposite to Cao Yu's former residence)

  (exit b, Jianguo Road station, Metro Line 2)

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