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  LAOCAI Enterprise Service Network, referred to as "laocaizhijia", relies on professional institutions and industry veterans to provide business services for enterprises, such as industrial and commercial registration, change, cancellation, management of various business qualifications of enterprises, financial, tax agency and outsourcing services, as well as legal consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  Laocaizhijia is a business platform for entrepreneurs and small and micro enterprises. It is composed of enterprise management consultants, certified public accountants, senior tax planners, field tax personnel, banking specialists, and industrial and commercial registration specialists.

  Our service comes from quality, our service comes from specialty.

  The company's professional enterprise registration team is dedicated to license application and application for various qualifications during the company's preparation period;

  Senior consultants and tax and banking specialists provide medium and high-end financial support for small enterprises. The main services include accounting consultants, tax planning, financial outsourcing, internal control management of enterprises, agent bookkeeping services, etc.

  The company has rich business resources in Beijing and Tianjin. When the enterprise encounters abnormal conditions, such as the list of industrial and commercial exceptions, license revocation, tax exceptions, tax inspection and other problems, it can help to formulate plans and solve problems for the enterprise in time.

  With the establishment of Tianjin Free Trade Zone, the company has rich experience and cases in the establishment, registration and financial services of foreign-funded enterprises, not only for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, but also for investors in Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and other countries, with good reputation and reputation in the industry.

  Laocaizhijia is committed to becoming the trusted consultant of our customers, building an influential service platform for foreign-funded enterprises in Tianjin, and providing customized accounting, tax and business solutions to enable our customers to carry out business efficiently.